Obviously this is still very much a work in progress. We are working on building a more robust resource center, including:

  • more links and phone numbers for organizations fighting sexual assault worldwide
  • hotline numbers and emergency resources for those who have experienced sexual assault worldwide
  • information and support for both individuals and leagues seeking to create safe spaces and fight sexual assault and harassment
  • ways to share information on known rapists and abusers to limit their ability to move league to league
  • action items and policy proposals for the various governing bodies in roller derby to improve their response to sexual harassment and assault
  • debunking common myths about sexual assault
  • information on and shared action with people and groups fighting other forms of abuse and discrimination within the roller derby community

If you have resources or expertise in any of these areas, other ideas for resources that would be helpful to the derby community, or would like to help us develop any of these resources, please contact us at or via our Contact form.



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