Michelle A: Illinois, USA

It was well known in my league that a vet skater and her husband were swingers. That was the excuse given anytime her husband made advances on other league members. “That’s just how he is.”

After practice, I was kneeling on a bench and talking to another league member when I felt someone caressing my ankle. Alarmed, I turned around, and it’s that guy. He looks surprised that I look as if I’m about to hit him. “Chill out. It’s just me.” I left without saying anything, but feeling like I needed to shower for reasons other than skating for two hours.

Eventually, he made an inappropriate comment to a spectator’s wife, and the spectator confronted him. He was removed from the league; his wife was kicking and screaming that he’s never done anything wrong. I’ve told one other person, who told me he also touched her without permission.


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  • Sounds like the league FINALLY made the right steps. Sad it took so long, sadder still that more people have probably had incidents like this wiyh him but felt they couldnt speak up because of backlash. “Thats just how he is” is an excuse.

    My team has kept a guy around since the team was founded that has a history of going after new girls. I made this mistake of allowing him to pursue me and established a relationship with him when i was in my rookie year. People i trusted said “he had dated a couple girls, but it wasnt anything wierd” he said he spends all his time with the league so naturally those are the girls he would get to know and hes developed feelings for a couple and dated them….. turns out a couple is atleast 9. I know of 9 women on the team he has been with. I know several who have left because of him. Hes been removed from freshmeat coach and then put back on it several times. Now hes on the board again.

    Complicate it worse… i had his baby. We only dated a couple months, till i found out what his actual history there is. And now that hes on the board he has helped change the return to play policy 4 times this month making it harder and harder for me to come back post pregnacy. Im transferring teams, it just sucks that i know he gets to keep the team and will be allowed to continue to pursue freshmeat unchecked and no one lets these new girls know that he is constantly on the prowl with freshies.

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