Don’t let abusers pretend to be victims.

A little back, we at IHID received a submission from a man who stated he has been abused by a woman official in his region. Within a few minutes of posting, we received information that the information contained in that post was false and that it was a gaslighting strategy.* We immediately removed the post. It is absolutely true that sexual harassment, abuse, and violence is not a women’s issue. It is a human issue. No one, regardless of gender deserves abuse. We stand for anyone who has been abused, regardless of that person’s gender, race, religion, creed, color, sexuality, Read More

Briza M: Argentina

Luciano Santucci and Maximiliano Cipriano (Borderline #17, ex player of Thunderquads and Team Argentina) uploaded a sex video of me, without my consent, in the porn site, and sent it to all the Roller derby community of Buenos Aires and Argentina. This made me feel depressed, anxious, and ruined my life for months. I was ashamed, I couldn’t skate anymore, I left derby immediately. I was afraid to lose my job because I couldn’t concentrate, I cried every single day for months and this abuse affected me in every single aspect of my life. Now, after months of depression, Read More

Royal City Roller Derby’s Response

Last week, we posted an open letter to RCRD. Though we here at IHID did not author it, we stood behind those people who refused to work RCRD’s games due to the poor behavior of their traveling team coach. This morning, RCRD published a public response. We comment RCRD for their transparency and for their very public statement recognizing that they did not do enough to protect members of their community. We laud RCRD for posting a comprehensive list of events and for committing to do better. (The Public Statement is protected so that it cannot be copy-and-pasted below. We Read More

To the Two Skaters from Palouse River Rollers

We here at IHID have received your submissions. We apologize for taking so long to post them, and we have no way or responding personally to each of you other than to post here. Because we are a few volunteers, we do not have the resources to respond to everyone as quickly as we would like.

We are in the process if compiling the information we have received from you both and will be posting shortly.

We see you. We support you.

What do we do when a league won’t do the right thing?

Hi, it’s me, Fury. I take no pleasure in writing this post. It is a last resort. But first, some background: I was divorced in December 2011. With no friends and little support, I found myself at Hartford [Connecticut] Area Roller Derby’s (HARD) new recruit event in March 2012. It took a little while, but I found myself surrounded by friends with similar interests and outlooks. Due to my love of rules combined with a rare condition that makes me particularly prone to concussions, I ultimately chose to become an official rather than play roller derby. Nevertheless, I served on Read More

Estelle: North America

“I’ll get libeled if I say it…If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons [hotel] don’t go,” -Courtney Love It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you see the person who sexually coerced you get showered with adoration and notoriety on social media. If what happened to me was consensual as I pictured and safe as I hoped, then why did I feel sick the entire time? Am I ever going to climb out of my shame? I can’t even say what happened out loud. I can’t stand the sound of the words Read More

An Open Letter to Royal City Roller Derby

Members of Ontario, Canada’s roller derby community are standing up against a problematic coach. Royal City Roller Derby is a women’s flat track roller derby league based in Guelph, Ontario. Unfortunately, people have witnessed the Royal City Brutleggers’ coach Craig “Professor Wrex” Roul act abusively towards members of the community. Thus, they have drafted an open letter to Royal City regarding its upcoming tournament, Royal Brawl 2019: We, the undersigned, are consciously and deliberately not applying to volunteer or officiate at Royal Brawl 2019 because of abusive behavior exhibited by the Royal City Bruteleggers’ coach (Craig “Professor Wrex” Roul) toward Read More

How leagues handle toxic masculinity: A brief case study

Yesterday, we reported on how two different male-presenting roller derby referees responded to the current news cycle: with toxic attitudes and toxic masculinity indicate of rape culture. In the first case, of Nick Castrillion, Infinity Roller Derby removed him from their league within five hours of his comments; later that day, the removed him from their website. They also posted this to their Facebook page: Thank you, Infinity Roller Derby, for taking clear cut, immediate, decisive action. You did the right thing and we hope that other leagues will learn from your example. In the second case, IE Derby Divas Read More

In the wake of the Kavanagh accusations, roller derby officials show their true colors

Anyone who has been following current events, even just a little, already knows that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is currently facing several accusations of sexual assault. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was the first to make an accusation, and she testified yesterday before Senate Judiciary Committee, stating that Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were both in high school during the summer of 1982. Survivors of sexual assault have watched as people have accused Dr. Ford lying and of partaking in a partisan “witch hunt” and “lynch mob” designed to drag out the confirmation process until after the mid-term elections. Many Read More

Loki: Northwest, USA

For a long time, I was silent about what he did to me, and others, that caused the abrupt and some what public end to our friendship. I was a ref, trying to get in good and seem professional with any league I could, most importantly Ref Cert and Rat City. I felt for a long time that it would be better for me to not “bad mouth” this person because he had power in the community. I protected him. Since leaving roller derby and ceasing to give a fuck what people in the sport think of me I’ve been Read More

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