Briza M: Argentina

Luciano Santucci and Maximiliano Cipriano (Borderline #17, ex player of Thunderquads and Team Argentina) uploaded a sex video of me, without my consent, in the porn site, and sent it to all the Roller derby community of Buenos Aires and Argentina.

This made me feel depressed, anxious, and ruined my life for months. I was ashamed, I couldn’t skate anymore, I left derby immediately. I was afraid to lose my job because I couldn’t concentrate, I cried every single day for months and this abuse affected me in every single aspect of my life.

Now, after months of depression, therapy, after having denounced them.. I am better, I shared my story and found out that other male teams were involved in the diffusion of my video, this teams are Survival Crew, (a team from a Province named Córdoba, players that helped share my video without my consent are Martin Barrionuevo and Juan Diaz.) Also a team named Jimmy Rustlers was involved, which I have known that they used to watch my videos in their team meetings, also skaters from this team like Victor Diaz (who now skates in Spain) were involved in the diffusion and made jokes in public about my video. Other skaters who were involved are Pablo Moreno and Fermin Sosa from Thunderquads.

Also I want to say that Luciano Santucci, which filmed me, had abusive behaviours during our short relationship and fantasized about rape all the time.

I name all of them because I want to warn all the derby community and I want to expose what they all did to me.

Thanks to my sharing my testimony I encouraged other girls to talk about their abusers in roller derby. ”Revenge porn” is very common and it’s something that people tend to minimize and naturalize.

I hope that nobody else goes through this, and if you do, please know that you’re not alone.

Thanks for sharing my story.



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