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I’ve been involved as an official in roller derby for about six seasons. My first season I was reffing a game that had a super small locker room (though the venue had actual locker rooms for skaters, the only area left was a little hallway for officials). This area provided very tight quarters for seven referees. I was the only woman on a crew of six men. So when I saw one of the referees’ balls, I figured it was an accident.

Only, the next time I worked with him, I saw his balls again.

Being new to the sport, I didn’t want to say anything. Maybe this guy has a legitimate problem keeping his testicles in his underpants? Maybe that’s a thing?

Only, over the next few years, other female referees started talking about this. Apparently, this guy has a history of “flashing” his balls at female referees. Because it makes me so uncomfortable, I avoid games he is working.

I’m not sure if this sort of action is considered “harassment.” What I do know is that many of the women in my region know about it and none of us like it.

Is this a thing that happens elsewhere? What do people do about it?


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