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About four or five years ago I was part of a league where the women joked around with each other about sticking their fingers near or in an opponent’s vagina while on the jam line. It was a joke: Like “ha ha, wouldn’t this be funny!” Until someone did it to their teammate. The woman who was touched confided in me that she was really uncomfortable about being touched this way especially DURING the game, but didn’t want to say anything about it. She was new to the league, she didn’t want to rock the boat, blah, blah, blah.

Later that same night, at the after party, someone asked what had happened. A male announcer with the league poked one of the skaters on the butt to demonstrate. Some sort of grievance was filed and he was booted from the league.

What upset me always was that this guy got kicked out for poking a woman’s butt, but that another woman who touched her teammate’s vagina never even got spoken to. I know it was a matter of who came forward about what, but the seeming double standard still disgusts me. I wish more people felt comfortable saying something instead of sweeping things under the rug when they are touched inappropriately.


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