Frogmouth Clothing and gender neutral language

Several week ago, we at IHID became aware that members of the community have been put off by Frogmouth’s claim of gender neutral language on their website accompanied by practices that demonstrated something differently. Frogmouth, a popular vendor for player and referee jerseys, offers two cuts: “straight cut” and “curve cut.” Sounds gender neutral, right? Well, it may have been except for the words “often preferred by cis men” next to the “straight cut” option and “often preferred by cis women” next to the curved cut option. We e-mailed Frogmouth on April 3 regarding this problematic gender-specific language and received Read More

Sass: Midwest, USA

At my first awards banquet, I won Most Improved and Rookie of the Year. I’d worked my ass off. After everyone else had gone home, I stayed on the track, practicing my transitions over and over. I was so happy, I cried. I accepted the microphone and started, “When I first started roller derby…” X took the microphone out of my hand. “No crying,” she said. I was going to say that when I started roller derby, I was on the brink of killing myself and it empowered me, and made me stronger, and I was so happy to be Read More

Part 2: Palouse River Rollers

This is another submission we received about Palouse River Rollers. We received copies of text message conversations between one of the abusers and one of the survivors that corroborate some of the allegations described below. This is the story of what happened to me and another skater at Palouse River Rollers. That skater gave me permission to share these details. [Ed note, this was confirmed by IHID.] This was written by my partner and shared on Facebook: Whatever happens to me as a result of posting this status, so be it, but I am tired of standing by while I Read More

Anonymous: Washington, USA

In October 2018, we received correspondence regarding sexual assault committed by a member of Palouse River Rollers (PRR). At the time, our content editor was on a medical leave, which accounts for the delay in posting this. Since October, we have received more correspondence containing information regarding PRR’s policies and information regarding how PRR handled a complaint of sexual assault. Specifically, we were copied on correspondence between the author of this post; the league’s Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC); and what appears to be a league member who had contacted the CRC in support of the author of this post. Though Read More

Want to make a difference? We are looking for volunteers.

It Happens in Derby is looking for a few volunteers to help with posting our incoming content, writing informative blog posts about resources available to those suffering from abuse and resources for leagues in developing and maintaining policies. We are also looking for people who are interested in boosting our online presence through various social media channels and helping with fundraising. Please understand that confidentiality is of the UTMOST importance, as you will be given access to our accounts. If you are interested, please email us at All correspondence will be kept confidential. Please include why you are interested Read More

Don’t let abusers pretend to be victims.

A little back, we at IHID received a submission from a man who stated he has been abused by a woman official in his region. Within a few minutes of posting, we received information that the information contained in that post was false and that it was a gaslighting strategy.* We immediately removed the post. It is absolutely true that sexual harassment, abuse, and violence is not a women’s issue. It is a human issue. No one, regardless of gender deserves abuse. We stand for anyone who has been abused, regardless of that person’s gender, race, religion, creed, color, sexuality, Read More

Briza M: Argentina

Luciano Santucci and Maximiliano Cipriano (Borderline #17, ex player of Thunderquads and Team Argentina) uploaded a sex video of me, without my consent, in the porn site, and sent it to all the Roller derby community of Buenos Aires and Argentina. This made me feel depressed, anxious, and ruined my life for months. I was ashamed, I couldn’t skate anymore, I left derby immediately. I was afraid to lose my job because I couldn’t concentrate, I cried every single day for months and this abuse affected me in every single aspect of my life. Now, after months of depression, Read More

Royal City Roller Derby’s Response

Last week, we posted an open letter to RCRD. Though we here at IHID did not author it, we stood behind those people who refused to work RCRD’s games due to the poor behavior of their traveling team coach. This morning, RCRD published a public response. We comment RCRD for their transparency and for their very public statement recognizing that they did not do enough to protect members of their community. We laud RCRD for posting a comprehensive list of events and for committing to do better. (The Public Statement is protected so that it cannot be copy-and-pasted below. We Read More

To the Two Skaters from Palouse River Rollers

We here at IHID have received your submissions. We apologize for taking so long to post them, and we have no way or responding personally to each of you other than to post here. Because we are a few volunteers, we do not have the resources to respond to everyone as quickly as we would like.

We are in the process if compiling the information we have received from you both and will be posting shortly.

We see you. We support you.

What do we do when a league won’t do the right thing?

Hi, it’s me, Fury. I take no pleasure in writing this post. It is a last resort. But first, some background: I was divorced in December 2011. With no friends and little support, I found myself at Hartford [Connecticut] Area Roller Derby’s (HARD) new recruit event in March 2012. It took a little while, but I found myself surrounded by friends with similar interests and outlooks. Due to my love of rules combined with a rare condition that makes me particularly prone to concussions, I ultimately chose to become an official rather than play roller derby. Nevertheless, I served on Read More

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