How leagues handle toxic masculinity: A brief case study

Yesterday, we reported on how two different male-presenting roller derby referees responded to the current news cycle: with toxic attitudes and toxic masculinity indicate of rape culture. In the first case, of Nick Castrillion, Infinity Roller Derby removed him from their league within five hours of his comments; later that day, the removed him from their website. They also posted this to their Facebook page: Thank you, Infinity Roller Derby, for taking clear cut, immediate, decisive action. You did the right thing and we hope that other leagues will learn from your example. In the second case, IE Derby Divas Read More

In the wake of the Kavanagh accusations, roller derby officials show their true colors

Anyone who has been following current events, even just a little, already knows that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is currently facing several accusations of sexual assault. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was the first to make an accusation, and she testified yesterday before Senate Judiciary Committee, stating that Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were both in high school during the summer of 1982. Survivors of sexual assault have watched as people have accused Dr. Ford lying and of partaking in a partisan “witch hunt” and “lynch mob” designed to drag out the confirmation process until after the mid-term elections. Many Read More

Loki: Northwest, USA

For a long time, I was silent about what he did to me, and others, that caused the abrupt and some what public end to our friendship. I was a ref, trying to get in good and seem professional with any league I could, most importantly Ref Cert and Rat City. I felt for a long time that it would be better for me to not “bad mouth” this person because he had power in the community. I protected him. Since leaving roller derby and ceasing to give a fuck what people in the sport think of me I’ve been Read More

RCR’s Response to Frisky’s Story

Earlier today, Rose City Rollers responded to the experiences Frisky shared on IHID. They stated the following (IHID has redacted the original RCR post for privacy and liability reasons; RCR’s post contains the accused’s derby name as well as the accuser’s actual name): This blog is in response to Frisky post about her removal from RCR. The Rose City Rollers pride ourselves in fair and transparent processes, meant to uphold the rights of all our members. Our Accountability Committee process for lodging a complaint against another member is laid out in our handbook and clearly states that a complaint will Read More

Frisky: Northwest USA

I didn’t want to write this. No one wants to have to be the person who writes this. The person who this happened to. I am doing this now because I have nothing left to lose. I was told by Rose City’s representatives that I could not come forward publicly about this because it would violate league policy and I would be suspended; the first of many ways Rose City silences victims and survivors. I have now been banned from the league after a biased investigation, done by people who have a financial interest in keeping the person who abused Read More

Michelle A: Illinois, USA

It was well known in my league that a vet skater and her husband were swingers. That was the excuse given anytime her husband made advances on other league members. “That’s just how he is.” After practice, I was kneeling on a bench and talking to another league member when I felt someone caressing my ankle. Alarmed, I turned around, and it’s that guy. He looks surprised that I look as if I’m about to hit him. “Chill out. It’s just me.” I left without saying anything, but feeling like I needed to shower for reasons other than skating for Read More

Jabber: Northwest USA

This post originally appeared on Jabber’s Facebook page on April 6, 2017; in it, she references Punchy O’s post, posted here on March 29, 2018. This is reprinted here with Jabber’s permission. Rumors are how things get super screwed up. Has anyone even thought of reaching out to me to see what I actually want? Nah. That would be logical. I’m sure I’ll catch most of the fallout, though. To be clear: I had NOTHING to do with Rat’s decision about Dell. I had no idea anything was even happening til the email in February (which I then left alone Read More

Punchy O: Northwest USA

After the Derby Central article about sexual violence was published, there were rumors on my league (Rat City) that one of our officials – Dell from Hell – had been accused of sexual assault. My knowledge is second-hand, and we were told very little because of confidentiality, but the league was told that he had been accused a few years ago of assaulting another official and WFTDA was involved. WFTDA “reprimanded” him with a list of tasks to be completed and allowed him to return to officiating. The official who was assaulted quit and, as far as I know, has Read More

How to be an ally

Suppose a friend of yours comes to you and tells you that they have been harassed or assaulted by someone in roller derby. Perhaps you know this person. Perhaps he is a friend of yours. Your natural inclination may be to defend him. “But he’s never done anything like that to me!” Or perhaps your first thought may be to rationalize his behavior away. “Well, he was drunk–and you know how he gets.” Before you say anything, please stop. Listen to your friend. Stop. Think. And then take the advice from blogger sleazethezebra, who published this article in December 2014 Read More

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